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MN Educator Wellness Resources

Metro ECSU

Educator Mental Health & Wellness Modules were intentionally created and based in The Phases of first-year Teaching by Ellen Moir. The 5 phases are as followed:

Anticipation, Survival, Disillusionment, Rejuvenation & Reflection.

While these phases are absolutely applicable to a first-year teacher, we believe that it applies to all educators working with students in the education setting, each and every school year.

Teachers, Social Workers, Speech/Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Paraprofessionals, Bus Drivers, Nutritional Staff, Custodial Staff, etc. If you work inside the walls of a school building, these modules are for YOU.

These phases are timely to what you might be experiencing and highlight the realities, mindsets, and impacts that first-year teachers typically experience in the education setting. 

We intentionally created content, education, and strategies within each phase of teaching, in hopes that we created a place for you as an educator, to hear, see, and feel what you might need when you need to hear it. 

These modules are meant to create a place for you to feel seen & heard through the challenges and joys of educating little minds and hearts that you serve. 

Above all, know that you matter, we need you & we want to give you the support needed to keep our helpers helping in the school.

Click here for the Minnesota Educator Wellness resources.