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Distance Learning Resource Repository


NWSC As the COVID-19 pandemic impacts our schools, and Minnesota school districts adapt their teaching practices, the Education Services Team at the Northwest Service Cooperative and the Northern Sky Regional Center of Excellence collaborated to create a Free Distance Learning Course to support school leaders and teachers. The site contains equitable models for distance learning at the district or school level, as well as best practice instructional resources for teachers. Also included are planning guides, and the latest guidance and planning resources from MDE, MREA, CASEL, and others. Resources will continue to be added as more guidance and resources are made available. 


CILC South Central Service Cooperative (SCSC)'s Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration (CILC) is offering free content for learning at home. CILC places great value on its Content Providers, nearly 200 of the very best cultural organizations and talent from around the world. They make it all possible by connecting students to unique subject matter, talent, and experiences. Representing museums, science centers, art galleries, zoos, aquariums, musicians, authors, and more, many of the providers play important roles in collecting and preserving histories and cultures and in helping to advance critical scientific research and innovation.  In an effort to provide home-bound students educational content that is fun, interactive and professionally delivered, CILC will begin offering programs from champion Content Providers beginning Monday, March 23rd.  Targeted to students in grades K-6,  programs will cover topics in STEM, Social Studies, Literacy, and Art/Music from 8:30-2:30 CST.  All programs are free-of-charge and will be in webinar format. Most of the programs will be recorded so that students can access them at any time after the live program. Visit the Community of Learning for more details and to get your students registered. 


AESA The national association of educational service agencies, AESA and Microsoft Teams are working together to bring you resources for remote learning! Remember that Office 365 Education is free for any school district at any time.










  • Get Real Math! Videos: The Get Real Math videos, produced at manufacturing companies, showcase over 80 common core skills used in the real world.
  • Micro:Bit: Curriculum-linked units of work for planning and teaching computing in primary and secondary schools (England KS2 and KS3)
  • Supporting Student Science Learning during School Closures from the Council of State Science Supervisors for parents and students
  • As families, schools, and districts face difficult decisions around keeping students home in order to reduce risk of transmission, Math Nation is offering free, digital access now through August 31, 2020 to its online learning platform to school districts desiring to provide distance learning opportunities. If you are interested in setting up no-cost access, please contact 
  • Minnesota Science Teachers Association will devote a section of its website to COVID-19 resources, and a teacher contribution forum
  • Minnesota Science Teachers Association forum for teacher contributions
  • Minnesota Science Teachers Association list of science resource websites 
  • Minnesota Earth Science Teachers Association venue for earth science teachers to share resources
  • FREE STEM resources from Concord Consortium
  • SPHERO free access lessons for teachers or parents
  • Ozobot robot cleaning guide 
  • Using Ozbot Classroom webinars 
  • Wonder Workshop's tips for cleaning the Dash and Cue robots
  • iRobot Education has temporarily made content accessible to all students learning from home
  • Cubelets is helping you create a makerspace at home
  • Cubelets tips for cleaning
  • Suggestions for parents from Robo Wunderkind on a wide range of topics
  • MaKey MaKey tips for parents including building a homemade Rube Goldberg machine
  • Playful, online math problems for parents to engage with their students from Bedtime Math
  • Free access to online resources from BrainPop including learning games, animated movies, and activities across grade levels
  • Science and Social Studies curricula from Britannica Online LaunchPacks
  • Free, high-quality, standards-aligned content in the STEM subjects from the CK-12 Foundation
  • Free access to the Discovery Education Experience for the remainder of the school year
  • Everfi's Endeavor course engage students in STEM career awareness through interactive modules and supplemental lesson plans 
  • Khan Academy - Khan Academy is a free resource for students, teachers, and parents offering exercises, quizzes, and tests so students can practice and master skills, as well as instructional videos to help students learn or review material
  • Scholastic - Scholastic is offering free online learning experiences in response to school closures.
  • Smithsonian Learning Lab - The Smithsonian Learning Lab is a free, interactive platform sharing the Smithosian’s expansive community of knowledge and learning 
  • IT Exploration Distance Learning Guide - ITX is a modular based program designed to introduce (7th-12th grade) students to various IT skills, competencies, and technologies
  • CodeWizards HQ - 46 FREE classes, websites, and apps.
  • - A searchable online database allowing educators to search for free and discounted tools and services by grade level, product type, and subject matter
  • Learn to code with Scratch (ages 8-16) or ScratchJr (ages 5-7). Learners can program their own interactive stories, games and animations and share their creations with an online community.
  • COVID-19 STE(A)M Resource Hub: The STE(A)M Resource Hub includes three weekly challenges focused around design thinking, STEM habit development, and career exploration that can all be done in the home.
  • Science in a Nutshell – Kurzgesagt – Get access to videos, explaining concepts such as evolution, time, space, a global energy, or our existence in this strange universe. Kurzgesagt means “in a nutshell.” Videos on this channel cover broad topics such as technology and society, the human immune system, nuclear energy, space, and concepts related to the universe. This channel has something to offer anyone interested in learning about STEM.
  • Nottingham STEM – The channel includes videos on topics such as electrons, lunar eclipse, physics education, trees and plants, periodic tables, solar eclipse, cosmology environment, and more.
  • Veritasium – This is an educational STEM channel by Derek Muller. The videos range from interviews with experts to STEM experiments, dramatizations, songs, and—a hallmark of the channel—interviews with the public to uncover misconceptions about STEM. The channel has videos about radiation, inertia, uranium, chameleons, and a lot more to keep learner engaged.
  • Your Discovery Science – This Discovery channel is dedicated to providing the most entertaining, intriguing, and fun content in the name of STEM from one of the most recognized TV networks. Get playlists on gadgets and tech, body facts, sports STEM, and different videos to learn about psychology, the brain, the cosmos, asteroids, and a lot more.
  • SmarterEveryDay – Learn something new every day with this channel. Explore the world with a scientific touch. Learn about a helicopter, jellyfish singing (I didn’t know this), acoustic levitation, and a lot more!
  • Applied Science – Subscribe to see interesting applications of STEM and tech. Learners will see how an electron microscope was built, how to make aerogel, and how to create other hi-tech projects. Topics usually encompass electromechanical systems, chemistry, and electronics. Hosted by Ben Krasnow.





  • Mood Candy - This App, from Dr. Amit Sood, offers a buffet of uplifting, on-demand quotes, stories, and meditations to decrease stress and develop a resilient mindset during these difficult times, all in candy-sized bites.
  • Zizo - Another great App from Dr. Sood. This one is focused on resiliency. There's an option to participate in an 8 week course after interacting with the app for a certain amount of time.
  • Y360 – On-demand fitness program from the YMCA for adults and kids
  • Just for Kix Digital Dance - Dance classes in jazz, ballet, tap, kick, stretching, and tips from teachers
  • Fitness Blender - Workout videos
  • CrossFit  -  Workout videos, including single exercises and drills
  • Calm - Sleep, stress, meditations, gratitude resources,masterclass opportunities, resources for kids
  • Stress Help From The CDC - Tips for reducing stress during the pandemic
  • Random Acts of Kindness Foundation - Assorted kindness/positivity resources
  • Yale - Science of Wellbeing Course
  • WellRight - Employee well-being resource repository
  • Core Power Yoga - Classes
  • OrangeTheory Fitness – Workout videos
  • Blue Zones – Guide for healthy eating and shopping during social distancing
  • WELCOA – Wellness resources for coping with the pandemic- including a weekly webinar series
  • Wisdom Labs – Wisdom@Work App – Free for 90 days - lessons and practices to navigate fear and anxiety
  • Headspace – Meditation, movement, and sleep exercises
  • Nike Training Club – App – Video workouts
  • Planet Fitness – Video workouts
  • Gold’s AMP –  video workouts
  • MDH - Supporting mental well-being during the pandemic
  • Self-Care Tips for All - list of self-care tips and resources
  • Omada - Tips for supporting your immune system
  • U of M - Clearinghouse of stress reduction tools including weekly stress reduction webinars
  • HyVee - Workout videos for kids and adults, as well as nutrition tips
  • Virtual Calming Room - A fantastic array of mind and body resources, for kids and adults.
  • Supporting Employees in Managing Stress - Some good tips on how to support your colleagues by using empathetic listening, and more.
  • Resources for Managers to Support Their Teams - Lots of good tips on offering support to teams
  • Score More Fruit and Veggie Challenge - Everything you need to run (virtually if you like!) a fun healthy eating challenge.


  • Mo Willems’ page on the Kennedy Center’s website is releasing a new “Lunch Doodle” video each weekday at 1 PM. Willems—he of the beloved Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus, Knuffle Bunny,and the Elephant and Piggy series, says his livestream will virtually invite “learners of all ages” into his studio and encourage them to draw and write with him. 
  • Vienna State Opera is opening its livestream archives. Wiener Staatsoper will broadcast recordings of previous opera and ballet performances daily via it’s streaming platform – worldwide and free of charge.
  • Metropolitan Opera announced that it would stream encore presentations from the award-winning Live in HD series of cinema transmissions on the company website for the duration of the closure 
  • Audible Stories: For as long as schools are closed, Audible is open with free stories streaming appropriate for every age