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Join Omada - a Lifestyle Program Available to Members of SSC's Health Insurance Pools

If you have your insurance through SSC, you are eligible to apply for the Omada program! Click here to see a two minute overview on the program. The program features the following:

  • One on one support from a health coach (all online)
  • A wireless digital scale (yours to keep, it connects to the cell network)
  • Support of an online group of others taking the program
  • 16 weeks of interesting, valuable lessons (they take about 10-15 minutes to read)

In the Omada lifestyle program (it’s not a weight loss program per se, it’s more about teaching lots of small, healthy habits that end up helping you to lose weight/live healthier/feel better), you’ll be tracking everything you eat. It’s all done really easily through the app. You can even take a photo of your meals. Your health coach sees it all, and offers helpful input. The app also syncs up with many different fitness trackers. The main program is 16 weeks, but once you “graduate” you’re not just set adrift, your coach is always available if you like!

You and any adult dependents who are on your insurance plan are eligible to apply. The risk screener takes about 2 minutes. If you qualify, you’ll be prompted to fill out some additional information, including your address to they can mail you your scale, and match you with your coach and group.

Inquire with your organizations's benefits manager or email Nicole LaChapelle-Strumski for the link to the risk screener.