• School-Wide Positive Behaviors Intervention and Supports (SW-PBIS)

    If you are working hard to create a positive teaching and learning environment in your K-12 school, you are not alone. Schools across the country are struggling with an increase in disruptive environments which directly lead to less time for teaching and learning. Addressing this issue is critical as problem behaviors not only interfere with academic, social, and vocational success, but also represent one of the most common reasons children are excluded from school.
    If you are struggling with these issues, SW-PBIS (School Wide Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports) might be just what you are looking for! Instead of a separate program, SW-PBIS is a systematic process within which schools are able to analyze their needs, and identify where they need to be for positive teaching and learning to occur. After the discipline needs are identified, practices may be developed or adopted and fitted to meet those needs. Often times, SW-PBIS is introduced as a universal behavior intervention in schools implementing Response to Intervention (RTI). Therefore, SW-PBIS helps schools to develop a system to:
    • Analyze where discipline problems occur,
    • Examine the level of support available in all systems needed to create positive school environments,
    • Collect and analyze data to facilitate the selection of Best Practices that fit the needs of the school,
    • Develop Best Practices that consider the function of behaviors, and
    • Provide an environment that increases social and academic learning. 

    A collaborative grant proposal written by Southeast, South Central and South West/West Central Service Cooperatives to provide regional School Wide Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (SW-PBIS) training consistent with the National PBIS centers training, materials, messages and model has been approved. This training model focuses on providing high quality training in SW-PBIS at a regional level. Participating in this opportunity would give your staff access to high quality SW-PBIS training and support locally. 

    For more information, contact: Hazel Ashbeck at 715-321-2730 or hazel.ashbeck@swsc.org