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Health and Safety Services
Southeast Service Cooperative offers on-site health, safety and environmental management assistance services to all its member organizations.  Two specific services are offered.


Health & Safety Management Assistance
Contact Bob Tweten,


SafeSchools and SafePersonnel Safety and Compliance Solutions
Contact Kari Kubicek, 507-281-6668,

Environmental Health & Safety Consulting

To participate in this program, contact the SSC member advocate -- Suzanne Riley, 507-281-6673, sriley@ssc.coopFor service planning, contact Angie Radel, 507-251-4918,


Health & Safety Management Assistance

This service provides cost effective technical assistance to help members comply with laws regulating hazardous materials, employee safety, and employee/student environmental health. We conduct mock OSHA inspections to help our members in identifying, prioritizing and scheduling health and safety capital projects.
Through this process, we:

·       Identify and prioritize health and safety concerns.

·       Help plan the scheduling of remediation of health and safety hazards.

·       Help with monitoring to prevent redevelopment of the hazard and discover new hazards.

·       Help with applying for health & safety project funding.

·       Organize group training in specific areas of identified need.


For more information about OSHA compliance in schools, health and safety funding, and Health & Safety Management Assistance Program, please email Bob Tweten, phone 507-281-6663.


Safety and Compliance Solutions
Scenario Learning Southeast Service Cooperative has partnered with Scenario Learning to provide both its education and government members safety and compliance solutions. Scenario Learning is a leading developer of award-winning safety and compliance solutions. Helping to create safer schools and workplaces is at the heart of what they do. With Scenario Learning SSC offers online programs for staff training, bullying reporting and tracking, accident tracking and MSDS management.

Thousands of leading school districts, insurance providers, and businesses around the world trust Scenario Learning as their safety partner of choice. SSC and Scenario Learning look forward to helping your organization save time and money while increasing safety and compliance

Click here to learn more about Scenario Learning's safety and compliance solutions provided by SSC at discounted member rates.

Environmental Health & Safety Consulting
Technical assistance in complying with laws pertaining to hazardous materials along with employee and student environmental issues.


Under contract with SSC, the Institute for Environmental Assessment provides consulting, lab, inspection, planning, and project management services at a reduced cost for SSC members.  Environmental management services include consulting regarding general regulatory compliance in each identified regulatory area, such as annual training, review of program records, management plan modification recommendations, and program implementation recommendations, including budget planning. 


Project specific services help SSC members address issues such as asbestos removal projects, computer-aided environmental and facility management, facility planning, HVAC Commissioning, HVAC Design, lead in water testing, machine guarding and mold remediation projects. Contact Suzanne Riley, or Angie Radel, 507-251-4918,  To enroll in the basic environmental services program, contact Suzanne Riley for a service agreement.
Southeast Service Cooperative contracts with the Institute for Environmental Assessment (IEA) to provide districts access to practical, cost-sensitive environmental engineering, consulting, and worker protection services.  Services are provided in these three areas:

·     Environmental Management Services (EMS) Basic Services:  management plans, training, hazard testing services (indoor air quality, lead, etc.)

·     Project specific services associated with particular actions, or projects, within a regulatory area; these are quoted separately from basic services.

·     Turnkey services, which are activities associated with subcontracting and/or coordinating the services of other professionals; these are also quoted separately from basic services. 


EMS Basic Services include consulting services associated with general regulatory compliance in each identified regulatory area.  Services are pre-planned each spring by IEA staff and client staff together.  Services involve periodic site visits and off-site work and might include annual training, review of program records, chemical inventories, fiscal planning, committee meetings, management plan modification recommendations, and program implementation recommendations, including budget planning.  Lab and technical hazard testing, such as asbestos, mold, indoor air quality, lead, etc., is provided at an additional cost at the clients request.  Basic services may address the following regulatory areas, as directed by members:


Accident & Injury Reduction Program (AWAIR)


Blood Borne Pathogen Standards/Exposure Control Plan

Chemical Hygiene (Lab Safety)

Community Right-to-Know

Compressed Gas

Confined Space Standard

Electrical Safety

Emergency Action Plan

Employee Right-to-Know/ Hazard Communication


First Aid/CPR

Food Safety Inspection/Certification

Forklift Safety

Hazardous Waste

Hearing Conservation

Hoist Lift

Indoor Air Quality

Infectious Waste

Integrated Pest Management (IMP) Parental Notification

Laboratory Safety Standard/ Chemical Hygiene Plan

Lead in Paint

Lead in Water

Lockout / Tagout

Machine Guarding

OSHA Inspections

Playground Safety

Personal Protective Equipment

Propane Tanks


Respiratory Protection Standard

Underground Storage Tanks/ Aboveground Storage Tanks

Welding, Cutting or Brazing



Project Management. SSC Members who enter into basic services agreements with IEA through the SSC program enjoy additional discounted rates on project specific services associated with particular actions, or projects, within a regulatory area. These separate proposals are made for projects such as asbestos removal, computer-aided environmental and facility management, facility planning, HVAC commissioning, HVAC design, lead in water testing, machine guarding and mold remediation projects.


IEAAbout IEA:  The corporate headquarters and main laboratory are located in Brooklyn Park, MN. A satellite office is located in Rochester, with local project managers who provide ongoing environmental management services and access to control services, drawing from a staff of consultants who provide ongoing input in specialized areas.


At its inception, the Institute's mission was to find real-world, applicable patterns for addressing environmental risk and regulation. It has achieved and continues to excel in meeting that challenge, with both academic and regulatory acceptance for its often innovative approaches toward environmentally-sensitive sustainable development.