Southeast Service Cooperative

Shaping the Future for Communities of Leaders and Learners


Mission Statement: 

We mobilize resources, add value, and promote continuous improvement through member-focused solutions.

Core Competencies

  • Collaborative culture
  • Customer-focused service design
  • Intentional agility
Core Values 
  • Integrity. We carry out our work with high levels of responsibility, accountability, and ethics.
  • Excellence. We are forward-thinking, competent, efficient, and effective.
  • Relationships. We facilitate collaboration with respect and passion to serve.

About the Southeast Service Cooperative

The Southeast Service Cooperative (SSC) (ISD #921), created in 1976 and authorized under Minnesota School Law 123A.21, is a public, non-profit cooperative of over 80 public and private school districts, cities, counties, and other member organizations (42 Education Members, 12 Associate Education Members, 23 Cities/Counties/Other Government Agencies, 2 Non-Profit Members, and 6 Participating Organizations) dedicated to maximizing resources and increasing value through collaboration. We serve schools in Minnesota's southeast 11 counties and our member education institutions enroll almost 76,000 students and employ almost 5,000 teachers. Student enrollments range in size from 100 to over 16,000. The SSC Board of Directors is composed of an elected group of representatives and the Administrators Advisory Committee is comprised of school superintendents and offers feedback and guidance to staff and Board.  

The SSC delivers numerous services to support administrative and instructional functions of our members. Some programs involve partnerships with other organizations, community. and private industry.  Schools, cities, counties and other agencies in southeast Minnesota collaborate to maximize resources and improve learning opportunities. Our job is to help them do it!  Providing great experiences for students and adults cost-effectively is the bottom line for us. Southeast Service Cooperative has been delivering innovative programs for administrators, educators, students, parents, and community members since 1976.


Minnesota Service Cooperatives
The Minnesota Service Cooperatives is a Joint Powers organization comprised of seven Service Cooperatives.  The MSC performs planning on a regional basis and assists in meeting specific needs of clients in participating governmental units which could be better provided by a Service Cooperative than by members themselves.  Coordinated services include professional development, cooperative purchasing, insurance programs, student academic challenge programs, technology services, administrative services, and other programs offered on a statewide basis.
The Association of Educational Service Agencies (AESA)
AESA is a professional organization serving over 550+ education service agencies (ESAs) in 44 states.  The mission of AESA is to support and strengthen regional educational service agencies.  There are more than 550+ service agencies in the U.S. with over 100,000 employees in 44 states.  AESA is in the position to reach well over 80% of the public school districts, over 83% of the private schools, over 80% certified teachers, and more than 80% non-certified school employees, and well over 80% public and private school students.