• EmpowerU

    SSC is excited to announce a new partnership with EmpowerU. This past year has been extremely hard, and the research is clear; helping students and educators re-engage and find motivation to overcome their stress and anxiety is key to success.

    EmpowerU is a tech-enabled SEL solution that blends accessible and engaging online, resilience-building lessons with 1:1 daily, personalized support from master’s level online coaches.  A turn-key solution, EmpowerU seamlessly helps students replace anxiety and discouragement with resilience, persistence and success - without putting additional strain on your already busy staff. As a data-driven, Tier 1 and 2 intervention, EmpowerU can work within your district’s MTSS framework to successfully equip students with the skills and support they need to re-engage and thrive, before costly escalation to Tier 3. 

    Students who complete EmpowerU’s program not only earn needed credit, they learn the skills to set and goals and improve mental health; over 93% of students make significant progress in motivation, confidence and wellbeing.

    EmpowerU Product Offerings:

    Feel free to review the EmpowerU funding toolkit, white paper, and website for more information on how these programs can be implemented to help improve school-wide mental health and resilience.  ESSER funds can be used toward the purchase of EmpowerU.

    Email Betsy Arnold Bahn (betsy@empoweru.education) or call her at (612) 987-8098 for more information.