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    Southeast Service Cooperative has partnered with
    OnToCollege with John Baylor through Minnesota Service Cooperatives. With this partnership, we offer cost savings to schools and districts who use OnToCollege. 

    OnToCollege offers ACT, PreACT, and PSAT/SAT Prep and College Counseling materials to help students with college admissions, financial aid, and scholarships.They also partner with the Minnesota Rural Education Association and provide additional discounts to MREA members. OnToCollege has partnered with 450+ schools, with more than 55 schools in Minnesota. Click to learn more and hear what these schools have to say.  

    OnToCollege's online courses routinely increase an entire high school’s ACT average score by 1–3 points and SAT average score 50–200 points, which helps achieve the OnToCollege mission of helping schools and families create two- and four-year college graduates with minimal debt.

    What OnToCollege Offers: 

    Online ACT, PreACT, SAT, and PSAT Prep Courses
    Equip your students for the ACT, PreACT, SAT and PSAT with engaging and turn-key video courses, quizzes, and practice tests. 

    College Counseling
    Resources to assist your college counselors as they help students with college admissions, financial aid, and scholarships.

    Middle School Matters and Grade 8/9 Prep
    These courses help students build confidence early and prepare for any state standardized tests while introducing them to ACT and SAT content. 

    Feel free to review the OnToCollege course summary sheet , the college counseling system features, and the course offerings by grade level to learn how these programs can help your students achieve and prepare for post-secondary education opportunities.

    Email Betsy Arnold Bahn or contact her at (612) 987-8098 for more information.