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    JANUARY 2020:  We are pleased to announce a new partnership with OrangeBall Creative to provide marketing and communications training and services. 

    If you are working to connect with stakeholders, increase participation in your programs, reach new audiences, or engage parents and community, you now have resources to improve your marketing and communications approach.

    Why Orangeball Creative?  They are a full service, professional marketing firm that strives to connect with clients. They offer a wide spectrum of services and training opportunities. And they are fun - - they making learning engaging and simplify marketing so that you can implement strategies on your own, even with a tight budget!

    Training services available:  This spring, we will host a marketing and communications workshop to help you gain an understanding of your brand and how to connect with your audience. The workshop will be led by OrangeBall Creative’s marketing pros. Dates, details, and registration information will be available soon.

    In addition to the marketing and communications in-person workshop, OrangeBall Creative will offer a BIY (Brand-It-Yourself) Brand Bounce Bootcamp. BIY is a self-guided online learning program and perfect for organizations with small budgets. BIY will be available to SSC members during a limited buying window. 

    If you would like to host facilitated team Brand Bounce Bootcamp at your site, OrangeBall Creative can provide a private, coached Bootcamp just for your organization.

    Professional services available:  OrangeBall Creative offers full service strategic marketing services and per-project based services including:  brand message and copy writing, logo design and brand identity, website and digital development, SEO strategy and traffic, digital marketing, email, and social media, and print marketing.

    Learn more about OrangeBall Creative

    Website:  www.orangeballcreative.com

    Insights Blog www.orangeballcreative.com/blog/

    Facebook @OrangeBallCreative

    SSC Contact: Steve Sallee, Executive Director • ssallee@ssc.coop