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    SSC's workforce development initiatives promote collaboration, strategic inetionality, and economies of scale that provide human-centered solutions to support southeast Minnesota's regional economic stability.

    Pipeline and pathway development reamin the two largest focus areas for SSC members and their communiities. Much of the support available for these focus areas comes from Future Ready CTE. Future Ready CTE is the collaborative product from the legislated 2019 Rural Career and Technical Education Consortium Grant in which South Central Service Cooperative and Southeast Service Cooperative each received $1.5 million to came together to advance sustainable Career Technical Education (CTE) programming in rural Minnesota.  

    The Rural Career and Technical Education Consortium Grant was launched in 2017 in which $3 million was awarded to southwest Minnesota. The grant was expanded to allow northeast and northwest Minnesota to share $3 million and south central and southeast Minnesota to share $3 million in 2019.

    This grant has enabled the creation of innovative partnerships between industry and education, and was the impetus of start up community grants that were then matched by industry partners to create advancements in CTE and career-connected learning in Minnesota.

  • Why is Future Ready CTE Important?

    Future Ready CTE is one of very few funding streams that generates additional leveraged funds from private industry to support both education and workforce development. Over the past 18 months private industry infused an additional $800,000 in the 11 southeast counties of Minnesota to support:

    • the expansion and curation of 25 CTE career pathways in area middle and high schools
    • youth interviewing, networking, and soft skills development
    • 127 experiential learning opportunities
    • upskilling teachers with teacher externships and CTE credentials to unlock additional funding for rural communities
    • updating equipment with industry-led training
    • partnership development with over 400 local professionals and 160 companies.

    Future Ready CTE is one of the state's largest collaborations with hundreds of private industry partners and educators supporting equitable opportunities in Minnesota communities that:

    • foster learning and engagement through career-connected learning experiences for youth with employers that are vital to their local economy.
    • enhance pipeline development and recruiting strategies for local employers that need a talented workforce.
    • expose and support youth to training pathways aligned with their career interests available locally.
    • engage industry professionals to bolster private and public partnerships that couple content field experts with educators to enhance the relevancy of education.