• Supporting members and their communities with pipeline development, recruitment retention and training that develops strategies, people, resources, and tools that promote collaboration, efficiency and regionality.


    Career Navigators

    Career Navigators are contracted FTE positions available to support schools and communities develop and sustain career-connected learning opportunities for a consortium of school districts. This includes supporting educators and students to identify career opportunities in industries that provide promise for future job demand, sustainable wages, and potential for industry-recognized credentials that align to their interests and passions of students including, but not limited to, career clusters like STEM and CTE.  Career-connected learning includes experiences that engage employers from multiple sectors and raise student awareness (such as career fairs and classroom presentations), work-based learning opportunities (such as site visits and job shadowing), and career pathway development (including dual credit options, and internships/apprenticeships).

    This position is an important contributor to providing leadership and support to students, teachers, administrators, industry partners, and colleges in developing and maintaining experiential and/or work based learning and career pathway programs, experiences, and exploration.  Southeast Service Cooperative will host and supervise this position, and work is performed is under the guidance of schools within the consortium.


    Connecting classrooms to careers and life to learning. Think differently about talent and pipeline development and career connected learning. Future Forward, a web-based portal, offers an easy way to support local economic prosperity by connecting employers, educators, and students to find and manage partners, set up and track career-connected learning activities, build relevant educator capacity and pipeline, and leverage young people's innovative and diverse ideas. Visit www.futureforward.org for more information.


    Future Ready CTE

    This initiative joins together two neighboring Service Cooperatives - South Central (serving 8 counties in the greater Mankato region) and Southeast (serving 11 counties in the greater Rochester region). to pool expertise, resources, and partners with the Rural CTE to maximize impact, cross imaginary borders, and better serve our collective members in the following areas:

    • Focus on the development of courses and programs that encourage collaboration between two or more school districts
    • Develop new career and technical programs that focus on the industry sections that fuel the rural regional economy
    • Facilitate the development of highly-trained and knowledgeable students who are equipped with technical and workplace skills needed by regional employers;
    • Improve the access to career and technical education programs for students who attend sparsely populated rural school districts by developing public and private partnerships with business and industry leaders and by increasing coordination of high school and postsecondary program options
    • Increase family and student awareness of the availability and benefit of career and technical education courses and training opportunities
    • Provide capital start-up costs for items including but not limited to a mobile welding lab, medical equipment and lab, and industrial kitchen equipment. Note: Start-up funds are limited to equipment only, not renovations or expansions.