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     An effective curriculum is at the heart of a successful school.


    How well is your curriculum serving your school?  


    If you feel overwhelmed by the state of your curriculum, you are not alone.

    Getting curriculum under control on your own is not easy, so Southeast Service Cooperative decided to search for the best web-based curriculum management system for our members. And we found it - BuildYourOwnCurriculum!


    The easy-to-use BuildYourOwnCurriculum framework provides the structure for you to plan, create, align, report, and evaluate your school’s curriculum.

    BuildYourOwnCurriculum Key Features

    • State and national standards database
    • District definable curriculum template
    • K-12 vertical and horizontal articulation
    • Analysis by standard or concept
    • Cross-district searching and sharing
    • Curriculum gap analysis and reporting
    • Public curriculum portal
    • Integrated lesson planner
    • Discounts for SSC Members

    It’s time to end the overwhelm. Learn how BuildYourOwnCurriculum can help you take control of your school curriculum.

  • Curious about Cost?

    Check out the discounted pricing for Southeast Service Cooperative members on the following BYOC order forms.



    Chris Trina, School Software Group




    Kari Kubicek, Southeast Service Cooperative Program Manager