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    The Southeast Service Cooperative (SSC) Wellness and Health Promotion Program is designed as a tool by which to facilitate the improved overall physical, mental, and social well-being of all member participants and their familes. 
    Services in the Program Include: 
    • Local Employee Health Promotion Coordination Training
    • Biometric Testing ($16 per person for Pool Members/$20 per person for Non-Pool groups. Minimum of 20 people.)
    • Two Topical Forums Annually at SSC
    • Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Minnesota's (BCBSM) Sharecare Program which includes a network of health related services, including the RealAge online health assessment for Health Pool Members.

    Looking for ways to promote wellness programming and health education to your employees? Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Minnesota has a tremendous inventory of literature and promotion materials that can be personalized to fit your organization's needs. Click here to see what's available. 

    Member vs Member Walking Challenge - January 2019

    Winning teams have been announced in Southeast Service Cooperative’s (SSC) 8th Annual Walking Challenge, in which over 800 individuals from 24 SSC member organizations competed. 15 Southeastern Minnesota School Districts and nine Local Government Members participated in two separate steps-based challenges.

    Winners in the School District Challenge included: Wabasha-Kellogg – 1st Place, Goodhue – 2nd Place, Grand Meadow– 3rd Place. The remaining teams, which each received an honorable mention, are listed in the order of their ranking: PEM, Rochester, Red Wing, Fillmore Central, Byron, Lewiston-Altura, Stewartville, Kasson-Mantorville, Lyle, Austin, Southland, and LeRoy-Ostrander. Red Wing was the winner for having the highest participation.

    Wabasha-Kellogg School District Wellness Coordinator Ashely Scheel shared, “The Wabasha-Kellogg Falcon Steppers thrive off of competition and take this contest seriously!  This year we doubled the amount of participants compared to last year. Last year during the final 2 weeks of the competition, our technology coordinator/math teacher, Mike Schumacher, calculated how many steps we would need to win.  He then set personal goals for each participant on our shared Google doc. This was a great motivator for our competitive bunch and helped us pull off the win!  This year we continued with that strategy. It is enjoyable to see walking habits continuing after the challenge and hearing that a person lost 5 pounds during it.  The walking challenge has built comradery, new relationships, and is a major talking piece at Wabasha-Kellogg! Red Wing schools found they were able to recruit more walkers by adding in a building vs. building challenge. Their wellness coordinator, Tara Nelson shared, “It was fun to see the number of steps come in from each building.  Buildings would meet after school to get steps in.”

    Fillmore County was the winner in the Local Government Division (the first time a county has won since 2012). The rest of the rankings were as follows: Freeborn County – 2nd Place, Rice-Steele 911 Center – 3rd Place.  The honorable mention placements included – Goodhue County, City of Albert Lea, Mower County, City of Spring Grove, Workforce Development, and City of Byron. City of Spring Grove was the participation winner.

    Stephanie Jaster, Wellness Coordinator at The City of Spring Grove, stated, “We all enjoy walking and we are more accountable when it is a challenge. We don’t want to let our teammates down.  We always need this extra push during the winter.”

    The contest, which ran the month of January, was based on the number of steps walked by participating members. Trophies (and bragging rights) are awarded to the winning teams. Certificates will be presented to all teams who participated.

    The following programs are now available to all members of SSC’s School Health Insurance Pool. 

    Vitals SmartShopper Program

    On December 1st, the seven service cooperatives began a contest to increase enrollment in the new SmartShopper Program. It can save you money, get you a cash reward and it could make you a WINNER! Register for SmartShopper before December 31st for your chance to win your school a grant of up to $5,000. Did you know the cost for the same medical procedure can vary depending upon where you go? The difference can be hundreds or even thousands of dollars. As part of your health insurance through the Minnesota Health Care Consortium, Vitals SmartShopper allows you to compare the cost of care and earn cash back (up to $500 depending on the service or procedure). To learn more, go to vitalssmartshopper.com.


    Omada® is a digital behavior change program that inspires healthy habits you can live with long term. It combines the behavior change science and unwavering support you'll need to lose weight, keep it off, and help reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease. More great news: MHC is offering Omada for employees and their adult family members who are enrolled in our Blue Cross® and Blue Shield® of Minnesota health plan—at no cost to you. Find out if you’re eligible by taking a 1-minute risk screener.  Inquire with your district’s benefits manager or contact Nicole LaChapelle-Strumski.
    Omada includes:
    • Wireless smart scale to monitor your progress
    • Professional health coach to keep you on track
    • Interactive program that adapts to you
    • Weekly online lessons to educate and inspire
    • Small group of participants for real-time support


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    SSC's Wellness Program Manager: 
    Nicole LaChapelle Strumski
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