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    The Purchasing Connection                                   Express is the online marketplace
    provides members with detailed                           for members to access contract
    information on partnered                                       pricing and to buy from multiple
    vendors and contracts.                                            vendors from one convenient portal.
    As a member of Southeast Service Cooperative you have full access to the Cooperative Purchasing Connection (CPC). 
    CPC works with member agencies to determine their purchasing needs. Our staff seek competitive bids to determine the best vendor based on price and value added services such as free shipping, free consultations, extended warranties and more.
    The CPC website allows members to view our vendor profile pages, members-only discounted pricing and online ordering instructions. 
    Express is the CPC online marketplace. It allows you to access members-only discounted pricing in a single online location. 

    Benefits of using the Cooperative Purchasing Connection:

    • Volume Counts! The combined purchasing power of over 3,000 member agencies create substantial discounts on products available from our more than 117 partnered vendors. 
    • Convenient Ordering! Purchase directly from the vendors and order only what you need, when you need it. 
    • Satisfies Bid Requirements! Our formal bids and RFPs satisfy the Minnesota competitive bidding requirements (Minnesota Statute 471.345 subd. 15) so you can purchase off our contracts without needing to bid on your own. Saving you time and money!
    • Expertise On Your Side!  The statewide Cooperative Purchasing Connection team has experience working with members and vendors. This established relationship is the foundation of our assurance on great pricing, quality, and service. 

    For more information on Cooperative Purchasing, contact: 
     Jerome Evans
    Jerome Evans
    CPC Program Representative
    Phone: (651) 371-1258
    E-mail: jerome@purchasingconnection.org