• Employee Assistance Program (EAP) 

    The Sand Creek Group Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a safe, comfortable, and confidential resource for employees and their families when they need guidance or advice with the challenges and problems of daily living. The services are designed to help employees assess and resolve issues affecting their personal and/or work life.

    The Sand Creek Group offers help with: 
    • Relationship issues
    • Work pressures and conflict
    • Depression, anxiety, other mental health concerns
    • Parent-child difficulties / childcare resources
    • Alcohol and chemical use problems
    • Loss and grief
    • Financial crisis or legal concerns
    • Many other life concerns

    Key facts about our Employee Assistance Program:

    • 24-Hour Telephone Crisis Intervention: Should an emergency occur, help is available every hour of every day, including weekends and holidays.
    • Confidential: You can use this program with confidence knowing that no one will know you used the program or anything that was said in your counseling session. The highest level of confidentiality is maintained by the EAP.
    • Free: Employee Assistance provides assessment, brief counseling, and referral services for you and your dependents at no charge to you.
    • Professional: All of the counselors are highly trained, experienced, and licensed employee assistance counselors holding at least a masters degree in the field of psychology, social work, or related behavior health sciences.
    • Family Coverage: Dependents of employees are eligible to use the program. This includes college students living away from home. 
    • All of us face crisis and have stress in our lives. We offer the Employee Assistance Program to help employees and their families find support and necessary resources when difficult situations arise. Please remember this program is free, professional, and confidential
    • Cost to Employer Groups: This program is offered for only $16 per employee per year for SSC health pool members or $18 per employee per year for SSC non-health pool members. Optional Work/Life presentations and crisis debriefing are available at $250 per hour.

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    Contact: Nicole LaChapelle-Strumski, (507) 696-9476, nlachapelle@ssc.coop