• Middle School Summer Career Academy

    The Middle School Summer Career Academy is a free career-awareness, interactive event for middle school students who have completed 6th or 7th grade. It is a commitment of four days of three-hour sessions to explore a career pathway of interest. At the conclusion of the week, the students will have gained knowledge and can share their experiences.

    Session Dates and Times:

    Tuesday, June 20 through Friday, June 23
    Families choose between two sessions (a morning or afternoon session, which students will attend consistently the whole week):

    • morning 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. or,
    • afternoon 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. 

    Other Important Dates:

    Registration CLOSES March 29th. Students will be notified after April 12th if they are accepted into the Middle School Summer Career Academy. Waivers will be available for you to complete after you are accepted into the program.

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    Pathway Descriptions:

    There are 8 career pathways for your student to choose from. Your student will remain in the same pathway and cohort for the week. 

    Agriculture focuses on food production, natural resources, plant systems. Students learn the techniques needed to plant, nurture, and produce a product from the seed. 

    Construction focuses on workers who design, build and remodel residential homes. Guest speakers share information about commercial construction; examples are schools and highways. Students bring home a project they designed and built during the week.

    Culinary explores the restaurant, food and beverage industry. Students learn various roles in hospitality environments, as well as learn how to prepare an easy dish they can make at home.

    Health Sciences "SCRUBS Camp"  participants interact directly with working medical professionals in the field. Through lab experiences, these students will get to experience what it would be like to work in that medical career field.   

    Information Technology highlights the design and coding of computer programs and systems. This pathway addresses the knowledge of computer operating systems and software development.

    Manufacturing explores production of materials, maintenance of machines, and logistics. Students attempt to develop and produce an item. 

    Public Safety and Emergency Services focus on aspects of security, law, and jobs such as firefighters and emergency medical technicians. Students learn the character it takes to work in such jobs. Students tour emergency equipment.

    Transportation exposes students through the options of careers from maintenance and repair, to driving and hauling. Students see, observe, and have hands-on time with the equipment.   

    Teacher bios:

    Jack Crowson is an agriculture teacher from Hayfield Community Schools who will be offering a course in agriculture this week. Students will learn….

    <<<Insert pictures of students doing activities>>>


    As you sign up, you will see a question about transportation. Some bussing may be provided pending the location of the students. If parents or siblings can bring these students, that will help. 

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: What is the cost to attend this event? 
    A: There is no charge to students or families for this event. 

    Q: Are the dates flexible? 
    A: No, the dates are set for June 20 to June 23. We expect students to attend all days if they sign up for this event. 

    Q: My child wants both agricultural and manufacturing pathways and is not sure which pathway to select?
    A: Students must select only ONE program. Help the students think about what they like and what is offered. Think about what might be taught and what the student may learn. 

    Q: Can the student attend some days in the morning and the other days in the afternoon? 
    A: No, students select EITHER the morning or afternoon; they cannot attend both sessions throughout the week.

    Q: Is transportation provided for my child? 
    A: Some transportation is provided at pending locations. 

    Q: Is lunch provided?
    A: Lunch is not provided throughout the week. Students can bring a snack for the morning but should be home in time for lunch. Afternoon students should eat lunch before they arrive.

    Q: Is this event held inside or outside?
    A: While this is held at Rochester Community and Technical College, Heintz Center, there may be times where the students are going to be outdoors rather than inside. Please plan accordingly with the weather.

    Q: My child is entering high school, can she still attend this event?
    A: No, this is geared towards students entering seventh and eighth grades. 

    Q: I have two children, one who has completed seventh and one going into sixth grade, can they both attend? 
    A: No, this is intended for students who have already completed sixth and seventh grades.