• STEM Forward Virtual Education Forum - April 14, 2021


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    Breakout 1 Sessions
    4:45—5:30 PM

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    5:40—6:25 PM

    Breakout 3 Sessions
    6:35—7:20 PM

    STEM Meets the Challenge of the
    Pandemic: Online Outreach
    with STEM Professionals

    Katie Jamieson, Engage! Community
    Building for Nonprofits, LLC
    HS Teachers

    Expanding Visions: Increasing
    Opportunities for Elementary
    Learners to See Themselves In STEM

    Jessica Marquardt,
    Kasson-Mantorville Schools
    PreK/ES Teachers

    Presentation Slides

    Preparing STEM Students with
    Problem Solving Skills

    Eric Kerr-Anderson, Winona State University
    MS/HS Teachers

    Presentation Slides

    Generating the Geniuses Using
    Generation Genius

    Ryan Christensen,
    Kasson-Mantorville Schools
    ES/MS Teachers

    Presentation Slides

    Shared Resources
    Generation Genius
    Legends of Learning
    MN STEM Teacher Center

    In Person or Distance: Effective
    Teaching is Effective Teaching

    Kelly Braun,
    Kasson-Mantorville Schools
    ES/MS/HS Teachers

    Jamboard Link

    Distance Learning Playbook Info

    Open P-TECH: Free Digital Learning on
    Industry-Leading Technology,
    Designed for Students and Teachers!

    Christa Camp, IBM
    MS/HS Teachers,
    Before and After School Programs

    Presentation Slides

    Open P-TECH website


    Computational Thinking in Children’s Books and Graphic Novels:
    Literature as a Non-Programming
    Unplugged Resource

    Rachelle Haroldson, University of
    Wisconsin - River Falls
    ES/MS Teachers

    C4 - Cross-Curricular-Coding-with Chrome*

    Burke Egner,
    Albert Lea Schools
    MS/HS Teachers

    4 C Coding Resources

    Robotics for the Classroom and Afterschool*

    Cheryl Moeller and Jeannie Badger, High Tech Kids
    MS/HS Teachers, Before & After School Programs

    10 Steps To Hosting an App
    Design & Prototyping Camp

    Chris Turnbull,
    St. Paul Public Schools
    MS/HS, Before and After School Programs

    Presentation SlidesPlayLearnTeach.blogspot.com

    Community and Parent
    Engagement in Workforce
    Education Through Future

    Mike Schnell and Katie Hendrickson,
    Southeast Service Cooperative
    MS/HS Teachers

    School Counselors are Key Allies for
    Equity and Access to Broaden
    Participation in Computing

    MaKenzie Johnson,
    Counselors for Computing
    ES/MS/HS Teachers and Counselors

    Presentation Slides
    Digital Resource Page

    “Working" Together: Building and
    Expanding Experiential and
    Work-Based Learning Programs

    John Double,
    Albert Lea Schools
    Admin, SPED and WBL Teachers

    Red Wing Winger Flight Paths

    Mick Wendland,
    Red Wing Schools
    MS/HS Teachers

    Developing Strategic Partnerships to Meet Health Care and Sciences Needs Into the Future

    Jeffrey Ratliff-Crain, Marco Lanz,
    and Jenny Casper, UMR
    Admin and Stakeholders

    UMR Overview