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    Future Ready CTE

    The Future Ready CTE Advisory Committee, made up of 17 southeast Minnesota experts in CTE from K-12 education, post-secondary higher education, trades unions, economic development agencies, non-profits, and workforce centers, teamed up to support the funding over $400,000 of projects that were matched by industry and community partners worked collaboratively to develop K-12 courses focused on regional in-demand industries and skills development in students,  improved access to CTE programs for students in rural schools, and increased awareness of CTE courses and training opportunities in and beyond high school. Funded projects emphasized innovation between local multi-sector public and private stakeholders, increased efficiencies to communities, and supported sustainability for long-term impact.   

    All awarded projects below will share best practices for program repliation and provide a live presentaiton of their projects at the Annual Future Ready CTE convening in the summer of 2022 at Wood Lake Meeting Center in Rochester. 

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    Statewide Longitudinal Education Data System

    Introducing data analysis into decision-making can be challenging for some organizations. The Minnesota P-20W has created an extended Regional Coaching Network to provide personal assistance to stakeholders. The network works closely with ECLDS and SLEDS users to address the technical issues some may have when applying data towards education, regional analysis, and career planning information. 

    How can SLEDS Support Your Schools and Communities?

    Southeast Minnesota SLEDS Regional Data Coach

    Mike Schnell



    Regional Contacts

    Top 25 Most Attended Higher Education Institutions by SE MN High School Graduates  


    SSC Announces Partnership with Rubin's Emerge to Transform Youth into Polished Professionals Who Turn Heads During Interviews and On the Job.

    Rubin's “Emerge” is a comprehensive digital platform and curriculum trusted by K-12 and college educators nationwide to support communication and soft skills development for youth employment, entrepreneurship, and leadership.

    The program is a blend of audio files, ebooks, editable worksheets, interactive games, self-paced assignments, templates, quizzes, and videos that give students age-appropriate instruction on how to write, speak and lead with confidence. The hands on practice with embedded in the Emerge curriculum provides students the opportunity to earn badges or micro-credentials highlighting competency completion.

    Curriclum Includes: Email Etiquette, Inquire About: Internships & Jobs, Life Skills, LinkedIn Profiles and Outreach, Networking Emails, Perfect Job Interview, Phone and Video Etiquette, “Storytelling” Cover Letter, and Unforgettable Resume

    Instructors and students can log onto a password-protected website or access the material through single sign-on. Emerge integrates and syncs grades with common LMS like Canvas, Blackboard, D2L, Moodle, Sakai and Schoology, Google Classroom options also available.