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    Southeast Service Cooperative has partnered with Minnesota-based facilities planning company ICS Consulting, Inc. to work towards a shared goal of improved and safer facilities
    In a continued effort to mobilize resources, add value, and promote continuous improvement through member-focused solutions, Southeast Service Cooperative (SSC) is excited to announce a partnership with ICS Consulting. Through this new partnership, ICS will offer guidance to members who want to take a more pro-active approach to facility planning. Since 1922, ICS Consulting has strived to improve schools, build safer communities, and ensure facility planning success. They have completed over 8,000 projects and have the long-term expertise to provide members with quality services and outcomes.
    The partnership between SSC and ICS was a natural fit – a way to offer a new and needed service for our members. The ICS team understands the necessity for our members to know how to maintain buildings utilizing the right funding source. Today’s buildings account for roughly 40% of the world’s energy consumption. By reducing energy consumption, the industry can move from being part of the problem to being part of the solution.
    By utilizing ICS’s services, members will have access to consultants who will help them make facility improvement decisions based on stakeholder input and inform communities’ taxpayers every step of the way. When community leaders are involved in the planning process, they are generally more supportive of the decisions made towards facility planning. 
    Approaching facility maintenance planning this way will help our members financially prepare for the significant cost of things like roof replacements, energy upgrades, new buildings and remodels. Pat Overom, Principal in ICS’s Blaine office, says, “We are a resource for communities to assist them with long-range facility planning and implementation; working towards a shared goal of improved and safer facilities.”
    ICS was founded in 1922 and offers facility planning consulting, program management and construction management services. ICS consultants provide a diverse range of experience and expertise with a proven track record, financial stability and innovation unmatched in the area.


    SSC members receive 10% discount on planning and LTFM assessment work. 

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