• Customized Professional Learning

    Southeast service Cooperatives a vareity of professional and staff development opportunities throughout the year to help you build internal capacity, grown, and learn. Experienced faculty, partners, and staff possess specialized knowledge in many areas of current issues and research based solutions to offer region, cluster, and site specific learning experiences.
    Do you have staff in need of relicensure? Bring industry, topic, and content experts to your building to provide staff development before, after, or during the work day. Customized Professional Learning is ideal for staff development days. Tailor the content and time to be specific to your unique needs. Impact more staff at a lower cost per person for attendance.
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    Top Five Reasons to Explore Customized Professional Learning from SSC: 
    1. Convenience. Eliminate the travel time associated with driving back and forth and have professional development come to you.
    2. Flexibility. Can't leave the classroom to attend a workshop? Need some ongoing support in specific areas? Work with SSC’s faculty who provide the professional development support at your location, at times of the day, and days of the week that work for your staff. Support opportunities are available for multiple sessions specific to PLC’s or work groups before or after school.
    3. Relevance. Tired of attending professional development sessions and realize that you already know the material and need a more advanced offering? Or even worse, attending a professional development session of which you completely missed the introductory information? Our experienced faculty members work with you to align the content and skill level to specifically meet your needs.
    4. Teacher Choice. Not finding professional development sessions provided at your staff development days to be relevant to your professional development needs? With SSC Customizable Professional Learning, schools/districts can book multiple faculty members covering a variety of content areas on the same day at your location. Teachers can pick and choose the sessions that would be most relevant and beneficial for them.
    5. SSC does all the work. SSC will handle all the details…the communications between your school/district and the faculty member, the contracting, accounting, registrations, CEUs, and more.
    To schedule or learn more, contact Kari Kubicek.
    Need a place to meet? Check out Wood Lake Meeting Center.