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    IEA, Inc., offers comprehensive consulting services related to indoor environmental quality, hazardous materials, and health and safety compliance. Founded in 1984, they serve clients throughout the United States, with over 50 professionals from six office locations throughout MN. Our clients include school districts, hospitals, government agencies and businesses of all types. Their professional staff excel at providing solutions that accomplish the client's program specific goals.
    SSC has partnered with the Institute for Environmental Assessment, Inc. (IEA) for over 25 years to provide districts with access to client-specific and feasible environmental engineering, consulting, and worker protection programs and services. The contract provides consulting, laboratory, inspection, design, and project management services at a reduced cost for SSC members.
    Environmental health & safety (EHS) services include consulting regarding MN OSHA's regulatory compliance in each identified regulatory area, such as annual training, review of program records, management plan modification recommendations, and program implementation recommendations, including budget planning for LTFM. IEA provides technical assistance in complying with laws pertaining to hazardous materials along with employee and student environmental issues. 

    Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Basic Services: 

    IEA offers, in cooperation and conjunction with SSC, comprehensive consulting services associated with State and Federal regulatory compliance. Services involve periodic site visits that may include safety trainings, review of program records, chemical inventories, LTFM planning, committee meetings, management plan modification and program implemention recommendations. IEA provides technical assistance in complying with laws pertaining to hazardous materials along with employee and student environmental issues. Basic services may address the regulatory areas outlined on the EHS Basic Services List (PDF)

    Project Specific Services: 

    Project specific services include activities associated with particular actions, or projects, within a regulatory area but not included under ESH Basic Service. Examples of project specific services include, but are not limited to, asbestos removal pojects, facility planning, HVAC commission, lead in water testing following services, radon testing services machine guarding, and mold remediation projects. IEA is widely recognized for its knowledge in asbestos and lead project design and management, including AHERA and NESHAP compliance. Fees for project specific services will be charged to SSC members in accordance with IEA's current Professional Fee Schedule. 


    SSC Member.....................3%
    SSC Contracted Member.....5% 

    SSC Member: 

    A public or non-profit entity who is a member of SSC but has not executed an ESH Agreement with IEA.  

    SSC Contracted Member: 

    An SSC member who executes an EHS Agreement between the member and IEA.  

    Turnkey Services: 

    Turnkey services include activities associated with subcontracting, engineering design, and/or coordinating the services of other professionals. Turnkey services are generally charged on flat fee basis for a scope of work identified outside basic service activities and negotiated directly with SSc members or SSC contracted members. 

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