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    MyPrime from Prime Therapeutics (Prescription Search for Cost and Pharmacies) - As a Service Cooperative Health Insurance Pool group and BCBSM member, you can access a good, free service from Prime Therapeutics. Just register with your BCBSM member ID at this website, and you’ll find a comparison of prescriptions from pharmacies around the area.  

    Listed below are several additional free or low-cost healthcare costing tools. 

    If you explore these or find other useful tools, would you let us know how well they worked for you so we can share your recommendation with other group members? We found that they vary in terms of mileage distance search capability, detail provided, etc.  While SSC doesn’t know enough about these resources to endorse them, they may be a practical source for you in researching costs. 

    Healthcare Bluebook - Offers a suggested “fair price” for a service, based on a database of rates paid by private insurers, according to parent company CareOperative LLC. 
    New Choice Health – The website states this is a free, consumer-focused healthcare marketplace where consumers can shop for common medical procedures. We enable our users to obtain medical provider specific pricing, service, and quality data for common medical procedures and connect our users with our network of Certified Medical Providers to compete for their business. 
    OpsCost – Hospital cost comparison tool to search various locations and procedures
    Wall Street Journal suggests several online sources (listed below) in its article, “How to How to Research Health Care Prices”  http://guides.wsj.com/health/health-costs/how-to-research-health-care-prices/
    PriceDoc.com - Seeks to aggregate listings from doctors.
    Changehealthcare.com provides estimates of how much individual providers are paid by insurers, based on claims data from health plans. In addition, gives providers’ list prices, which are derived from Medicare data, according to New Choice Health Inc.
    OutOfPocket.com - has a search service to help users find online pricing information listed on various sites.