• Plan Management Services for Groups and Individuals

    Southeast Service Cooperative offers a wide range of flexible plan designs that allow each group to meet both their healthcare goals and their collectively bargained commitments. In addition, we provide comprehensive strategic benefit management services.
    Our health benefits consultant is available to groups to help guide them through their plan design strategy and to assist them with program communications and negotiations. Here is a list of plan management services that SSC provides for pool groups and eligible members:
    1.     Strategic plan design development
    2.     Current program financial and plan design analysis
    3.     Benefit plan modeling
    4.     Pool management
    5.     Competitive program evaluation
    6.     Consumer healthcare program design and education
    7.     Insurance committee meetings: goal setting and information management
    8.     Employee group meetings and communications
    9.     Individual health insurance communications and planning
    10.   Compliance support
    11.   Problem solving
    12.   Insurance company assessment and evaluation
    13.   Bid law satisfaction
    14.   Statewide negotiation and leverage of costs and access to programs
    SSCs health benefits consultant is licensed by the state of Minnesota and has over 3 decades of experience designing and managing employee benefit programs. Please contact him with questions concerning your employee benefit programs:


    Bill Colopoulos
    Health Benefits Consultant
    MN Insurance License # 57568
    Southeast Service Cooperative
    210 Wood Lake Drive
    Rochester, MN 55904
    Bill is also available to provide assistance in the following benefit areas:
    ·       Life Insurance
    ·       Short and Long Term Disability
    ·       Dental
    ·       Employee Assistance Program

    Bill's services are available to any group that is currently a member of Southeast Service Cooperative or who is interested in becoming a member. His services are also available to all members of SSC member groups collectively bargained units, their representatives and members. Most services are free to pool member groups. Other groups should contact Bill to discuss their needs and request a proposal for assistance.