• Career Connected Learning Experiences

    Come together to join businesses, students, and educators as they connect, communicate and collaborate in short and long-term experiences to engage the future workforce through a variety of career-based experiences. Set up your free profile today!
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    Why should I participate?
    We know that employers are struggling to attract and retain talent and that there are increasing pressures on your time. Southeast Service Cooperative and our K-12 schools are committed to developing and retraining a skilled K-12 talent pipeline for our region, but we can't do it without you! In response to our region's urgent talent needs, we will soon be launching a web-based portal which will seamlessly connect and support business, education, and students/families with career connected learning experiences. 
    Businesses will be able to:
    • provide employees with skill-based opportunities that support professional development and talent retention
    • attract and develop a talent pipeline
    • leverage young people innovative and diverse ideas

    We are seeking business partner from the eleven southeast counties of Minnesota to participate in any and all of the opportunities listed below! If you are interested, complete your short company profile today!

    Experiential Work based Learning