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Mobile Science Labs
Connecting high school classrooms, healthcare careers, and STEM using traveling trailers filled with equipment and supplies to conduct science experiments through partnerships with Mayo Clinic and Rochester Area Math Science Partnership (RAMSP). Mobile Science Labs received the LGIA's Top Innovator Award. Lab subjects include biology, agricultural science, and food science.  Click here for more information.
Speakers Bureau
Connecting educators in participating RAMSP districts to industry experts and professionals in the fields of STEM. Speakers are invited into K-12 classrooms to share industry knowledge and generate excitement in our future workforce. Contact Sarah Ness for more information.
STEM Village
Building capacity for teachers in the STEM areas to provide all students with the opportunity to learn highly technical skills in an integrated way. Located in the RCTC Heintz Center, STEM Village is an education resource that provides kindergarten-high school teachers access to a lending library of STEM equipment and materials. STEM Village also offers workshops and opportunities for collaboration throughout the year.
STEM Village
RCTC Heintz Center: H1400
Rochester, MN
U of M's Talented Youth in Mathematics Program (UMTYMP)
UMTYMP (pronounced "umm-tee-ump") is an accelerated mathematics option for students who are highly gifted in mathematics.   The experience students will have in the program is unique: class sizes are small, the scope of the curriculum allows students to cultivate both a rich depth and breadth of mathematics, the length of the program is shorter than comparable programs, and successful students will be granted honors level college credit for the courses taken in UMTYMP in the last three years of the program.
Students in the program will meet once per week on the University of Minnesota Rochester campus for two hours in the late afternoon/evening for class led by exceptional teachers. Students will have, on average, nine hours of online and/or paper based homework. There are also several support structures available for students who need assistance with the subject matter (algebra I. algebra II, geometry, math analysis/pre-calculus, calculus I, calculus II, calculus III, and advanced topics). While enrolled in UMTYMP, students should not be enrolled in a math course at their home school, but instead be given a free period in which to work on their UMTYMP homework.
The program has two components: high school level and college level. Students in grades 5-7 are eligible for the high school level. Students in grades 7-9 are elgible for the calculus level.  To be considered for either program, students must submit an application and test for admission in early spring preceding the year. To learn more contact Jered Bright.