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    Can you easily locate records or access information needed for your daily school business activities?  
    ISS provides records storage management services for members at discounted pricing. ISS offers a fully secure, regulation compliant storage vault and web-access and bar coding technology for online inventory of boxed records. 
    ISS is secure, accessible, easy to use and cost effective. ISS maintains a highly secure vault with alarm systems, physical access controls, fire detection and 24/7 monitoring. ISS also provides digital document conversion (back file document imaging, day forward imaging and on-demand imaging) and is equipped to store all forms of electronic and digital media files.  They pick up records ready for storage and transport records to the vault. Clients identify stored records in the online portal for document retrieval and ISS delivers requested records.

    Reduce costs, get compliant, free up space and increase your efficiency. Regulatory compliance is a necessity. ISS exceeds all local, state, and federal regulations and industry standards. 

    Discounts for SSC Members:
    • One Time Conversion Fee -- ½ price for conversions.
    • Ongoing records management and storage fee – 30% off and no volume limit.
    • All additional services discounted by 30%.
    Additional Benefits for SSC Members:
    • All supplies included in current price; members can purchase supplies from any vendor but need to meet ISS dimension standards
    • No discount on transportation charges
    • Optional Monthly Transportation Allowance - 4 trips for $100 per quarter, if prepaid. ISS selects delivery dates based upon volume. Handling allowances waived for first 5 containers per trip
    • Training Fees - waived once per 12-month period (at ISS site).
    Sarah Ness
    Cooperative Purchasing Connection Manager
    (507) 281-6676
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