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Junior High Knowledge Bowl

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The Minnesota Service Cooperative Knowledge Bowl competitions are interdisciplinary academic contests for students. The Junior High Knowledge Bowl is for students in grades 7-9. During the contest, teams of students compete in written and oral rounds by answering questions related to all areas of learning, typical of secondary educational programs. Questions test students recall, problem solving, and critical thinking skills. This competition provides a format for student growth centered around academics. Teams consist of six students (6 competing in the written round and 5 competing in each oral round).

Teams compete in Round Robin competitions at the Southeast Service Cooperative in October, November and December. Each team then competes in a Sub-Regional competition and the top twelve teams from each tier advance to Regionals in January. 

The top 9 teams from each Sub-Regional advance to the Regional on January 18, 2017.
Regional Scores - January 18, 2017
 PDF Tier A
 PDF Tier AA
 Regional - Tier A
 Regional - Tier AA
 Regional - Tier AAA
 Spring Grove 1
1st place - Spring Grove 1
Chatfield 1
1st place - Chatfield 1
Northfield Maroon
1st place - Northfield Maroon
 Houston 1
2nd place - Houston 1
Rushford-Peterson 1
2nd place - Rushford-Peterson 1
 PEM 3
2nd place - Plainview-Elgin-Millville 3
 Fillmore Central 1
3rd place - Fillmore Central 1
Pine Island 2
3rd place - Pine Island 1
 KM 2
3rd place - Kasson-Mantorville 2
The top placing in each tier received a team trophy and individual medallions.
Tier A: 1st--Spring Grove 2, 2nd--Houston 1, 3rd--Fillmore Central 1
Tier AA: 1st--Chatfield 1, 2nd--Rushford-Peterson 1, 3rd--Pine Island 2
Tier AAA: 1st--Northfield Maroon, 2nd--Plainview-Elgin-Millville 3, 3nd--Kasson-Mantorville 2
Sub-Regional Scores
2016-17 Round Robin Competitions 

Regional Scores 
Congratulations to the top 3 teams in each tier:
Tier A
1st - Kenyon-Wanamingo Red, 2nd - Rushford-Peterson 1, 3rd - Houston 1
Tier AA
1st - Chatfield 1, 2nd - Chatfield 3, 3rd - Pine Island 1
 Chatfield 1 - 1st place Tier A
Chatfield 1 - 1st place, Tier AA
 Kenyon-Wanamingo Red - 1st Place, Tier AA
Kenyon-Wanamingo Red - 1st Place, Tier A 
 Chatfield 3 - 2nd Place, Tier A
Chatfield 3 - 2nd Place, Tier AA 
 Rushford-Peterson 1 - 2nd Place, Tier A
Rushford-Peterson 1 - 2nd Place, Tier A 
 Kasson 1 - 3rd Place, Tier AA
Kasson-Mantorville 1 - 3rd Place, Tier AA 
Houston 1 - 3rd Place, Tier A
Houston 1 - 3rd Place, Tier A
Sub-Regional Scores (The top 12 teams from each Sub-Regional advance to Regional on January 20, 2016.)
Round Robin Scores

Sub-Regional Scores
The top 12 teams from each tier advance to their respective tier's Regional. 
PDF Tier AA (January 8, 2015) - Note: due to school closings, only went 2 oral rounds
PDF Tier A (January 9, 2015) - Note: due to late start, only went 3 oral rounds
Regional Scores
PDF Scores for Tier A (January 21, 2015)
1st place: Houston 1
2nd place: Kingsland 1
3rd place: Rushford-Peterson 1 
PDF Scores for Tier AA (January 22, 2015) 
1st place: Kenyon-Wanamingo Red
2nd place: Kasson-Mantorville 1
3rd place: Chatfield 1 
Round Robin Scores
PDF10/08/2014 AMPDF10/09/2014 AMPDF 10/09/2014 PMPDF  10/10/2014 AM
PDFOctober Totals 
 PDF11/03/2014 AM PDF11/04/2014 AM PDF11/04/2014 PM PDF 11/05/2014 AM PDF November Totals
 PDF12/04/2014 AM PDF12/05/2014 AM  PDF12/08/2014 AM  PDF  Round Robin Scores (Final)