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For Local Government

Thank you for your interest in Southeast Service Cooperative. We are pleased to provide you with information about key programs and services for local government. You will also find best practices, research, trends and resources that may benefit our city and county members.
The SSC Announcements tab on the homepage and the web  Connections quarterly newsletter provide great information for members and those who are interested in joining the cooperative. You can also connect with us on social media!

Key Programs and Services for Local Government 
grad hat  Local Government Internship Program 
Maximize Your Membership
We are exploring new opportunities for cites and counties. Contact Katie Schmitt, Development & Innovation Specialist, at kschmitt@ssc.coop or 507-281-6676 to learn about what's in development and discuss how your agency can get the most value from your membership. Not a member? Learn about programs and services available to your organization.
Best Practices, Research, Trends, and Resources
Local Government Advisory Committee
In February 2016, Southeast Service Cooperative formed a Local Government Advisory Committee (LGAC) to provide input and feedback on service development for cities and counties. Check out the web  LGAC webpage to view committee membership, meeting agendas, and meeting summaries.
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